Big Void, the pywaled wallpaper

Suddenly there was a surge of a certain wallpaper on r/unixporn - the macOS Big Sur wallpaper. I traced it in Inkscape, set the hex color values to pywal color variables and viola: a desktop wallpaper that changes colors with your color theme.

Big Void on gitlab

You need: pywal, the Big Void template svg in your pywal template directory, imagemagick or similar, a wallpaper setter like feh and one or more source images as input for pywal e.g. palettes from

I set a script to do a multitude of things when I generate and set a color theme with pywal. Here are the essentials relevant for this wallpaper:

wal --saturate 0.3 -i $HOME/.path/to/palettes/ # generate a theme based on input images
magick $HOME/.cache/wal/bigvoid.svg $HOME/.cache/wal/bigvoid.png # convert the svg to png
feh --bg-fill $HOME/Pictures/Wallpapers/bigvoid.png # set as wallpaper