The news of Diablo II: Resurrected lit my inner child on fire and I suddenly had the urge to spend 18.000SEK on an AMD gaming rig. This urge has now calmed down and I’m stuck on my wonderful X230 but still - I want to game!

Spun into a YouTube-hole for three-four days researching handheld emulation devices from China. There are some quite nice ones but they keep missing the mark (on purpose) releasing the same chip over and over with a limited set of features to each and everyone of them. One might have two analog sticks but a 3:2 display (makes no sense for the RK3326 chip and the games it plays), the next model might have a 4:3 display and the two analog sticks but no WiFi and a weaker chip et cetera. It’s infuriating the way they mess with our desires. Around and around it goes - similar to the digital camera industry.

I left that hot mess and realised I had the answer at home already! A Bluetooth game-pad controller and RetroArch on my phone. Which is great but I’ve already been there, done that. The games are old news and to me, played out.

Enter Pico-8, the fantasy console. Hundreds of wonderful games. So much fun to be had but also to make - I have been playing a few games that have certain features that I want to steal, modify and put together in order to produce a Diablo II esque Pico-8 experience.

On occasion I have opened my mouth on places such as Reddit and even Gitlab describing my dream action role playing game I refer to as “Itch” (scratching the Itch D2LoD left me - cheezy ;)). The vision is so clear and now I have found my platform. Hm, if I only had time and focus.

Anyhow - just wanted to mention this discovery and how pleasant the experience has been and that there will be a following post some day about different games I’ve found and enjoyed.