Wants, needs and solutions

The below list is really not necessary to post online. Could just as well be kept local and private - but I think there might be value to sharing ideas of this nature, mostly technology related.

E-Ink reader/tablet with special sauce

Imagine something along the lines of a Kobo type e-ink reader tablet - I’m currently eyeing the model “Libra H2O” but still undecided. Now how great wouldn’t be if you were able to install things like Syncthing and maybe even Agate onto it? Maybe get a gemini browser installed as well.

Update your book collection and documents by chugging files in and out of Syncthinged directories on the laptop. Even update and add things to your gemini capsule by simply editing, adding or removing files from your synced gemini directory.

Possibly charge the thing with a solar charger?

Home server

The household is in dire need of a home server for a few tasks and services. Among those: